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Super Design Design is synonyms with growth for our customers.We believe in delivering the right blend of superior design & technology for businesses big & small.  We act as an extension to your engineering design team and reduce overheads in your business so that you can completely focus on your core business. Apply start-up like product development methodology and focus on lean investment and core differentiation.

One of the reasons why we have been able to stand out among our competitors and become a trusted partner is that we offer best services at very competitive rates with complete support for delivered services including unlimited corrections(if any) with no additional cost. We further strive to offer what our clients need by customizing services to match those specific needs.

NPD Services 

Super Design Tech offers you innovative platform to develop your products using various CAD tools available in the market and then use FEA/CFD to validate your design. 

FEA Services

Our experienced structural FE engineers will work in tandem with your team to simulate models ranging from small Part Models to complex Geometry.

CFD Services

Incorporating our advanced CFD Simulation will allow you to get an insightful information for your design to help you make smart design choices. We leverage the most advanced and sophisticated CFD simulation techniques to offer real-world simulations that are cost-effective, practical and commercially viable.

Civil Engineering Services

Our certified and experienced Civil Engineers will deliver you the solutions on foundation calculations right on time with high level of accuracy. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing(MEP) is our forte and we have over 10 engineers working specifically in this domain.


Super Design Tech is a leading Engineering Services company. We believe in creating tangible value for our customers

We keep on working on your design till it is perfect and we try our best to deliver it first time right. Most of our customers have been doing repeated business with our company.

We take quality as a top priority and have always delighted our clients with high quality and on time delivery. Our customers range from Fortune-500 companies to individual entrepreneurs and we treat all of them with same passion and dedication irrespective of the cost and duration of the project. We believe in building a long-lasting relationship with all of our clients and we are constantly working towards improving our processes to serve better to our clients.

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About us

Welcome to SuperDesignTech LLC, your number one source for all engineering and animation services. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of services, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.
Founded in 2007, SuperDesignTech has come a long way from its beginnings in a small office on the outskirts of Pune. When we first started out, our passion for helping others with world class engineering services , providing the best solutions for our fellow technocrats, engineers across globe which drove us and gave us the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming business. We now serve customers all over world and are thrilled to be a part of the ever evolving engineering industry.

If there is truly a business that knows how to speak their customer's language, it is SuperDesignTech.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team has senior Design Engineers, CAD Drafters, Simulation Consultants, Architects and Civil Technocrats.  We use only Open Source Software Tools in-house and we have a partnership with various concerns for proprietary Software Tools which enables us to deliver services with the suitable Software Tools.

We treat each and every customers of ours as an unique entity and understand that your requirements will also be unique needing customized solutions. Our ideology is to implement the latest technologies, deliver services which are easy to use and having a high degree of flexibility.

At Super Design Tech, our mission is to help visualize your ideas and bring your projects to success. Our company mission reflects our focus on achieving this goal. We actively partner with our clients in their research and development efforts.

Our Core Values

Respect,Transparency- We respect each client, individual, employee,customer, and vendor.

Customer is first- We always put our customers needs before our own and understand how hard it is to survive in the stiff global competition.

Continuous improvement - At Super Design Tech, we believe in continuous improvement to enhance our services and ourselves. We aim for improvement at every level and we are serious about delivering first class industry-leading results to our clients.


"Super Design Tech wants to bring unique ideas (that will revolutionize the way people live their lives) to reality"


"Super Design Tech offers innovative and reliable solutions in the engineering services domain to entrepreneurs and enterprises across globe with superior quality and truly value adding services"

Innovation is our pulse and we live with it.

We have helped entrepreneurs and business across globe on their innovative products. Apart from helping the R&D teams with their routine work,we have offered suggestions for further improvements in the product line to reduce the overall cost and add value to the final product.

Our team follows an in-depth analysis approach on every project.With a focused approach,we have a comprehensive knowledge about the product that enables us to make further enhancements in the products at a later stage with ease.


Drinking water is becoming scarce and demand for it has grown substantially - How will we handle this situation? One of the solutions is to save whatever is already available and have a proper distribution channel for it.That is where we may come in picture - With our engineering services, you can improve your products and make it better and more efficient to avoid water wastage....Fuel will be cheaper than water (probably some day soon if we don't act now) Climate change and global carbon foot-prints - Dark side of the modern economy

With further improvements in the vehicle emission systems and making automobiles light and more fuel efficient can prove helpful - Make use of renewable energy resources in vehicles is the next big thing happening in Automobile Revolution. Engineers around globe are working on it and we are doing our part too.

Losing soil fertility can create problems in the future but can we make better agricultural products to avoid losing our valuable asset in terms of fertile land ?Our Agricultural Product Design and Simulation Services can add a niche to your product line. Earthquakes are common - Seismic Analysis can help you reduce the impact of Seismic activities on your installed Machines. Aeroplanes/Aircrafts consume tons of fuel - With our CFD Analysis, you can alter the Airfoil designs to make them offer better drag and lift forces.

Today's technology enables us to make significant improvements in our products to make them better and efficient. With virtual Engineering Software, you can overcome major hurdles in your new Product Development.With our wealth of experience and technical knowledge, we offer cutting edge technological solutions to our clients. A team of dedicated engineers available to cater to your needs on Artificial Intelligence, Value Engineering and Product Life Cycle Management, Engineering Software and Embedded Systems Technology can help us make our designs/products better and can improve life of millions -Let's make it happen


New Product Development Services

What is your idea ? This is all what our designers will ask you when you contact us and we'll be right in action and deliver you a detailed plan of product development with estimated delivery schedule. We believe that your novice idea can revolutionize the way we live our lives - Imagine the invention of an electric bulb or invention of a telephone or invention of a wheel (which is perhaps the greatest invention of all time)...Imagine the world without these inventions and you will realize that these ideas have changed us forever...Perhaps, your idea is the next big thing ! You may have a brilliant idea of a product, however it is the right implementation of an idea that matters most. With a blend of right team of innovative engineers, we can design your idea to reality and reduce the time to market.

Product life cycles are now much shorter and the competition is fierce with customer demand at its peak. With our cost-effective and first time right approach, you can align yourself at a leading position. Our lean product design process will add value at each and every step of your Product Development.

Our NPD Services include :

  • Product Design Feasibility Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Automation
  • CAD Customization
  • Detailed Design Engineering
  • 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Tool Design/Fixture Design/Equipment Design
  • Process Automation requiring Custom Machine Design
  • Rapid Prototyping for New Product Development
  • Material Handling Equipment Design
  • High Speed Rotating Equipment Design
  • Confirmation on the Concept Design viability in the design process

Finite Element Analysis

We have an extensive experience working on Design and FE Simulation of all types of Valves, Impellers, Manifolds, Heavy Machines, Generators, Automobile Components, Thermal Analysis, Stress Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Volume Meshing, Wing Design and Analysis/Optimization, Vibration Analysis, Compressors and Pumps, Renewable Energy Product Simulation (Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Geothermal Products), Consumer Appliances.

With our Software Tools on Finite Element Analysis, we can do -

  • Analysis and Optimization of the Design
  • Structural, Thermal Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis (Vibration Analysis)
  • Validation of Design Data
  • Composite Modeling and Analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Drop Test Analysis
  • Steady-State Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Conduction/Convection/Radiation Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis

CFD Analysis Services

CFD Analysis is used intensively these days across Industries to determine the fluid flow processes. With CFD Analysis, you will be able to extract valuable data on process parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Fluid Direction. With our CFD Simulation, we will be able to determine the problems before the market introduction uncovering the valuable insights into the design.

Our CFD Analysis Services include -

  • HVAC CFD Analysis
  • Heater Analysis
  • Furnace Analysis
  • Rotating Machines Analysis
  • Combustion air and flue gas ducting
  • Turbine Analysis
  • Pump Analysis
  • Aerodynamics Analysis
  • Single Phase and Multi-Phase Analysis
  • Rotating Machine Analysis
  • Determining co-efficient of Drag and Lift forces
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Laminar, Turbulent and Transitional  Flow Analysis
  • In-compressible and Compressible Liquids
  • Pressure Drop, Convective Cooling Analysis
  • Compressible Gases CFD Analysis

Civil Engineering Services

SDT has a team of experienced Civil Engineers (with masters degree in Civil Engineering) and Architects to perform Design and Analysis of all kinds of foundations (as per various International Codes).

Our Civil/Architectural Services include :

  • Steel Structure Design and Analysis
  • Slab/Frame Design
  • Wood Frame/Timber Design and Analysis
  • Reinforced Concrete Design and Analysis
  • Lifting and Fall Restraint Systems
  • Floor and Roof Framing
  • Wind Load Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Post-tensioned Concrete Buildings
  • Structural Calculations
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Building Distress Evaluation
  • Composite Structure Design
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Services (Design and Drafting)


With our indigenous processes, we ensure we deliver exceptional results to our clients on schedule.

To ensure we keep clients informed about the progress of the Project so that we are on the same page with our clients, we send daily updates on the progress of the Project to our clients. Delivery on time is our mantra and we stick to it on every Project.

Outsourcing has never been so easy as we create an environment where clients will feel that we are working on their premises and they have a complete control on the work delivered to them. With our intense experience in outsourcing business, we know the common pitfalls in outsourcing and with our stringent and distinguished processes, we have successfully eliminated almost all hurdles in outsourcing. We can act as an extension to your team and we can co-ordinate with your team to deliver results in less time and cost.

Support Period :  We understand that designs are most likely iterative in nature and a lot of information will move to and fro. We are always available in your time zone to interact with you to understand your needs better and make design modifications necessary with no additional cost.

Our free support period is 3 months and you can always come back to us at any time with your required modifications even after months of delivery. We are here to assist you with assurance of prompt response. 

No-Upfront Payment Policy : With a lot of scammers claiming expertise in engineering services, you can always count on us as we never ask for any advance/up-front payment and you need to transfer the payment only when you have all the results and you are satisfied with our delivered results.

Our Typical Process Methodology

Requirements Gathering & Pre-Analysis

Formulating an Approach Document (SOW Document)

Defining Milestones

Project Kick-Off

Evaluation of work

Delivery to the client

Modifications in the Design as per client's feedback

Post Delivery Evaluation/Review

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